There are many myths about 20mph...read the facts and frequently asked questions here!

What is 20mph all about?

20mph is all about trying to improve safety, our sense of freedom, as well as trying to reduce the number and seriousness of collisions in Calderdale. It’s also about having a choice in how we travel no matter who you are or where you live, we all deserve it.

Why have 20mph speed limits been introduced in Calderdale?

Like other parts of the UK, 20mph speed limits are here to help reduce the number and seriousness of collisions. Everyone in Calderdale deserves to have safe and pleasant streets however you travel or wherever you live in Calderdale.

Is 20mph permanent?

Yes, this is a permanent and a legal change in the speed limit…it’s here for good!

Why will 20mph be in all residential areas of Calderdale not some?

We don’t tend to have accident hot spots in Calderdale and most accidents do not occur around schools – accidents can happen all over.

Will only Calderdale have 20mph limits?

We are joining Bristol, York, Warrington, Lancashire, Leeds, Greater Manchester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, London and others.

How will we know 20mph will work?

Many 20mph streets and roads have shown a decrease in speed. Edinburgh has seen a decrease in speed and collisions and also an increase in the number of people walking and cycling. Calderdale deserves this too! 20mph will work if we all do our bit. If we drive at 20mph those behind us have to, let’s lead the way.

When will I get 20mph in my area?

We are introducing 20mph speed limits between 2015 and 2017. You can view the 20mph areas at http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/transport/transport-improvements/speed-limit/.

Why am I getting 20mph in my area at the time planned?

We are introducing 20mph speed limits between 2015 and 2017 in phases due to the large scale nature. The phases are prioritised around the number of people killed and seriously injured and will link the existing 20mph area speed limits with new 20mph roads.

How were locals consulted?

We get to hear your views through our ward forums and councillors.  Each 20mph scheme is legally advertised by notices on lamp columns and in the local newspapers.

I was always told 30mph was a safe speed, what's the difference with 20mph?

A person hit at 30mph is seven times more likely to die than at 20mph. If someone runs out in front of your vehicle at 20mph there is a 99% chance you won’t kill them, why? This is because your stopping distance at 30mph is almost double that of 20mph.

Are we trying to stop people driving cars?

No. This is about trying to improve safety for everyone whether you drive or not. We all deserve to get around safely no matter where we live or how we choose to travel.

Won't it cause more congestion?

No. Peak times, road works, and accidents cause congestion, 20mph aims to keep cars moving safely.

Will my journeys now take me longer?

Driving continuously at 20mph compared to 30mph only adds around 60 seconds to each mile, very few journeys around residential areas allow you to drive at 30mph anyway. The stress of rushing to get somewhere on time can affect our attitude behind the wheel but we can easily set off a little earlier to keep ourselves and others safe.

Will driving at 20mph increase pollution?

No evidence suggests that 20mph speed limits increases pollution. Accelerating from 0-30mph emits more pollution than accelerating from 0-20mph. Reaching 30mph takes 2.25 times more energy than getting to 20mph. Evidence shows that driving at a continuous speed limits the amount of harmful gases. We can all drive at 20mph in 3rd gear to limit the amount of harmful gases.

Won't it cause road rage?

Sometimes we experience poor driver attitudes and aggressive behaviours from other drivers, wherever we are. When we are upset or emotionally distracted this can affect our attitudes and driving behaviour.  Try not to be an aggressive driver – be realistic about travel times and set a good example to other drivers.   In car CCTV cameras are widely available and may help to deter tailgaters.

How will it be enforced?

We all know speed bumps and other traffic calming measures are extremely costly to implement all over Calderdale so we will install them where appropriate. Drivers that are caught will be penalised. We know that police resources are limited and need to support the most vulnerable. You can help by driving at 20mph yourself so those behind you have to.

Is 20mph just for parents and children?

No. We aim to give parents in Calderdale more confidence in letting their children play out and walk their children to school more often. We also want to increase confidence in older people walking to their local shops and getting out into the community. We also hope that cyclists and those learning will feel safer as well as those who might want to start walking or cycling shorter journeys.

I am passionate about 20mph, how do I champion it?

By driving at 20mph you will encourage other drivers to do the same.  Spread the word amongst friends and family.  Join us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LoveOurStreets

I have a question about 20mph, who can I contact?

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please email us at 20mph@calderdale.gov.uk we will be happy to help.

How is 20mph funded?

The Integrated Transport Authority and Public Health within Calderdale Council are funding this to help improve the health and safety of residents.

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